91 year old German woman sees a 3rd dictatorship forming


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…I, Marianne, am the senior citizen of the family, born in 1930, 91 years old. What I am currently experiencing reminds me strongly of the times that I have already experienced twice.…

Now I am witnessing the entry into the third dictatorship. It started with the law of epidemic emergency. This law is similar to the Enabling Act of the Hitler era. Parliament is overruled, and under the aspect of “epidemic emergency of national scope” a kind of emergency regime was started.

In 1933, not all anti-Jewish measures were passed immediately. They came only little by little and got sharper over time. Because of this, many Jews thought it was unnecessary to leave the country until it was too late and from 1941 onwards almost all of them were sent “to the gas”. Now it’s starting exactly as it was in the thirties. A mask mandate is imposed, although a large number of studies since 1974, i.e. long before the Corona period, have shown that these masks, including the surgical masks, do more harm than good. Our decision-making elites are impervious to logic.

Back then I wasn’t served for being one quarter Jewish. Today I am no longer served without a mask or am not even allowed to enter the shop. Then the vaccination is propagated, so that many get vaccinated because of social and professional pressure, even though they do not want to do it voluntarily. They hope that they will be able to participate in social life again. You are not convinced, but just too weak to defend yourself against the vaccination pressure. Gradually, 2G and 1G will be introduced. Unvaccinated people are marginalized and basic rights, which are not called basic rights for nothing and which we have at birth, are converted by the rulers into privileges for vaccinated people.…

…I am currently experiencing the same thing that I have already experienced twice, in the Third Reich and in the DDR. The opponents are silenced, possibly sent to prison (or later to a concentration camp), the compliant and the followers are rewarded and the whole dictatorship now starts over for the third time. I never believed that I would have to experience such a development again. But a large part of our population, especially in the western federal states, has learned very little from the history of the Third Reich and the DDR. Almost everything is currently running as it was in the catastrophic years. I hope it won’t end as terribly as 1945. I’m still a living witness. But in a few years I’ll be dead and my story forgotten.


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