99% of the crypto market has 0 real life utility. Change my mind.

by HiddenknifeX

Other than a speculative asset with a glorious whitepaper and an impressive “ex workers” of big name companies all around the world, they all promise the Moon but underdeliver. I have yet to see something that has an actual use in realife that is using any of those tokens/coins technology.

I understand that there are companies looking into metaverse, NFTs or accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, but those are very niche and far from mass adoption.

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Honestly talking the only projects i’ve seen of use are cost cutting protocols such as MATIC & LRC for transactions, and Brave Browser (BAT) which i actually find it awesome to use.

Do you have other opinion? Are we throwing money into the void?

Are we any different from gambling our money if the rate of uselessness is so high?


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