A 10-year slump for equities?

In the wake of Tuesday’s market carnage, with almost all of the major indices losing 3% of their value, Dan sees a rough slog ahead for almost all U.S. stocks. By any reasonable metric, stocks are a bad deal – but a few diamonds exist in the rough.
Of course, there are not just bad deals to be found, but also outright land mines for investors, as is the case with GE, whose rotten pension dilemma Dan breaks down this week for listeners.
Later on, Dan and Buck are joined by Dr. David (Doc) Eifrig and Stansberry Senior Analyst Matt Weinschenk. Doc has a storied past working for years trading derivatives at Goldman Sachs before leaving Wall Street to become an eye doctor before finally joining Stansberry in 2008. Matt has spent over a decade as an investment analyst and six of those have been here with Doc.

Doc’s Retirement Trader options trading service has achieved a 95% success rate since its debut in 2010, a time spanning hundreds of investment recommendations made in all sorts of market conditions.

But now, he says it’s time to think even bigger.

In unleashing his newest, upgraded options trading service, Advanced Options, Doc, Matt, and the rest of their team are unveiling a service that’s designed to magnify the upside of some of Stansberry Research’s biggest wins, while helping to cut risk to the bone.

We think you’ll want to keep an eye out for Doc’s special offer made at the end – which includes two years of Advanced Options, one year of Retirement Millionaire, and one full year of True Wealth and Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.



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