A Bad Week for Clinton – A Worse Week for America

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by Mark Angelides

This has been a truly terrible week for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She has not only shown herself to be against proper democracy and blind to reality, but also that she is morally bankrupt and addicted to the idea of a free people.
In an interview with CNN, Clinton said that she wants to do away the Electoral College, and there are good arguments on both sides of this debate, but it seems that her basic argument is that “if we didn’t have it, I would have won.” This is great for her, but not so good for the rest of the country. In fact, it seems to me to be the beginning of what is about to become a very large, very well-funded, and very annoying campaign to ensure a DNC victory in 2020.
Here’s a prediction about which I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Someone of reasonable importance will suggest that the Electoral College disenfranchise minority voters because they tend to live in denser cities, and therefore their vote is worth less than the white folk who don’t.  This will be followed by small protests and demonstrations that will “be noticed” by the MSM, who will then “decide” to join the cause, and then the nationwide riots will begin in earnest.
The usual suspects will get involved. We’ll see BLM and Antifa marching and declaring the Electoral College a racist institution that was founded on White Supremacy and with the help of some “kind lawyers” will launch a court case. The court case will at some point end up on the 9th Circuit, where judges will “deliberate” and end up siding with the plaintiff.
And the reason behind all this is to make the Californian vote count for more than it does already.
And then we have Clinton’s apparent inability to understand the point of Orwell’s 1984. She seems to think that the moral of the tale is to put trust in the leaders, media and experts, and that to denigrate them is bad for the nation. This makes no sense, and makes me question if she really understood the book at all.
She is bad for the country and she is bad for the notion that people should be free to make their own choices. But it is not Clinton herself that is the cause of this; she is merely a symptom of the very real democratic deficit. If it weren’t Clinton or the Democrats trying to make changes that will benefit themselves only, it would be a some Republican trying to redraw Congressional lines (oh, wait..That’s already happening).

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  1. Our founding fathers put the Electoral College in the Constitution for a reason. They were a lot smarter than this pea brain egomaniac.

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