A city controlled by an artificial intelligence

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“The metropolis would be, from that moment forth, at least partly run by an AI that absorbed every last drop of data it could get its virtual hands on.
Every single resident was tracked; their activity on social networks, their purchases, their movements, their commutes – everything was uploaded to the AI’s database, which then made real-time decisions.”

“in China, people have less concern with privacy, which allows us to move faster.”
Sounds like China is being used as a testbed for all-seeing AI-controlled population centers. It’s funny how in just a few decades (after 9/11) the people have accepted the loss of privacy in public places with almost no complaints.
Whereas before just having security cameras sprinkled around the city caused complaints, but today it’s nothing. These cameras are now feeding footage to fully automated facial recognition systems, nobody expects their phonecalls to be private (hell, even your facebook app is eavesdropping on your calls to place ads), and black boxes with GPS tracking are making their way into our cars. Oversight of all this surveillance activity is lagging way behind, because the public is apathetic towards it and it’s not in the interest of the watchers themselves.
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