A Few Questions About the Covid Plandemic Nobody Bothers to Ask

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By Chris Black

  1. The “virus” appears in China spreading in ONE place only (Wuhan), with scenes that look like from zombie movies (people falling down and “harvested” on the streets by special teams, things that are not happening today). Or, to put it another way, communist lies “swallowed” by the western so-called media with no questions asked.
  2. The WHO declares a PANDEMIC when less than 100,000 people were “infected” worldwide, of which 80,000 in China (Wuhan) alone, violating its own definitions. Okay, the groundwork had been prepared by Bill Gates & Co. with simulations, fear-porn movies, etc. but nobody cares.
  3. All States react IN THE SAME WAY with  THE SAME MEASURES (state of emergency / alert/lockdowns) as directed by the WHO.

Globalism 101.

  1. Suddenly, after the declaration of a state of emergency in all Western states, the “pandemic” in China basically DISAPPEARS!

In fact, the Chinese economy (if you believe them) is now more or less as it was before the PLANdemic.

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the media wonders HOW the pandemic in China that broke out and spread in ONE PLACE has disappeared while “infections” are exploding all over the world!

Really, how?!?

  1. PCR testing is required as a diagnostic tool in ALL states, although the manufacturer clearly says that it DOES NOT DETECT THE VIRUS, but NO ONE in the media says anything about it!
  2. Wearing a face mask becomes mandatory in almost all states, including outdoors, as an “almost 100% safe means of protection” against “infection”.

Studies showing the stupidity of the measure are completely ignored!

  1. Big pharma rolls out an experimental covid-19 vaccine in 3 months which is marketed to be 95 percent effective or something along these lines, but the vaccine DOES NOT PROTECT against “infection”, only “eases the symptoms”; only the mask is safe if “it is worn correctly” against “infection”. -the media doesn’t ask questions, obviously.
  2. You take the vaccine but YOU WILL also wear the mask (no one in the media raises the issue, what’s the point of the vaccine?).

Also, almost no one asks if the “vaccine” has been tested enough (vaccines take 10 to 15 years to develop) and has side effects.

  1. If everything must be DIGITALIZED by 2027 (work from home, shopping exclusively online etc.), then … WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE VACCINE?

Obviously, MASS-MEDIA is silent …

There is an unprecedented robbery of small entrepreneurs as the rich get filthy rich!

  1. COVID-19 has an EXTREMELY LOW mortality rate, even when compared to seasonal flu.

Almost no one wonders why there are fewer deaths in 2020 than in previous years, with such a “pandemic”!!!

  1. For DISEASES with a higher death rate than “covid”, such as cancer, diabetes, etc., NO MEASURES HAVE BEEN TAKEN “FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY”, no government has been concerned.

The whole planet has aligned itself to eradicate covid, even if the medical priorities are different!!!

  1. The notion of “ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION” appears for the first time in the history of medicine.

Idiocracy works, the Marxist experiment succeeded!

  1. Autopsies are PROHIBITED, and the media does not ask this obvious question: how do you know if someone died from Covid (as opposed to “with covid”, though the PCR tests are shit anyway) if you don’t perform autopsies? 

It is IMPOSSIBLE for all states (except Belarus, Sweden, Tanzania and a few others) to TAKE THE SAME MEASURES, AT THE SAME TIME and to follow the SAME AGENDA, to react EXACTLY THE SAME, without someone “from the shadows” having an AGENDA! Without “someone” coordinating EVERYTHING!

And now this:


This is the song that never ends.

It goes on and on, my friends.

This is the song that never ends.

New York Post:

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that he won’t rule out Americans still needing to wear masks in 2022 — even as the country returns to a certain degree of “normality.”


Fauci, who is the master of the entire universe and the shaper of reality itself, has said that no one can go back to normal until every person on earth is vaccinated, and that won’t be until 2025. Of course then, they will have some new virus, or mutation, or whatever, that means that everyone in the world needs a second vaccine.


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