A Le Pen Victory in France is the Next Domino in the Trump/Brexit Political Earthquake

by Mark Angelides
Polls are predicting a stunning victory for Marine Le Pen and her party, France’s National Front (FN), in this year’s French elections. Riding a wave of popularity that has never before been seen in modern French politics, Le Pen looks set to follow the trajectories of both Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in upsetting the political establishment’s Status Quo.
Her popularity is not least in part due to the shocking wave of terrorist attacks and migrant riots that are sweeping the European continent. These last couple of years alone saw:
Attack                                                                                   Deaths                  Injuries                                Claimed by
Brussels Attacks                                                                               31                           300                        ISIS
November Paris Attacks                                               130                         368                         ISIS
Charlie Hebdo Attacks And Hypercacher                               12                           11                           ISIS
German Truck Killings                                                     11                           48                           ISIS
French Church Attack                                                     1                              1                              ISIS
Bastille Day Truck Attack                                               86                           202                         ISIS
There are many more including stabbings, murders, machete and axe attacks and bombs that didn’t kill or plots that were foiled.
These incidents listed were mostly in France and don’t include the many riots that have been taking place.

When you add in all that has been happening in surrounding countries, anger at the Shengen agreement grows. The Shengen zone allows people to move freely between EU states and the 26 countries involved agree to abolish passport checks. The Brussels Bomber used this to his advantage. With all this, there is a strong urge in the French people to take back control of their destiny and to “Make France Great Again”.
For such a long time, European nations have been shackled to the EU, with its policy of “ever closer union” (the erosion of national sovereignty), and France has felt this as much, if not more than most (anti-EU sentiment in France is at 60% according to Pew).

In June 23rd, when Britain voted to leave the EU, Le Pen was one of the first European party leaders to congratulate the Brexit crew. And when Donald Trump, against all odds and a media onslaught, won the U.S Presidency, Le Pen’s party first realized they had a chance of victory.
The tide of anti-EU sentiment is rising across Europe. Beppe Grillo in Italy, Geert Wilders in Holland, UKIP and Nigel Farage in the UK, and even in poor belabored Sweden, parties that had no real representation 10 years ago (and in some cases never even conceived) are grabbing at the reins of power. And the reason for this is that the regular, normal people of Europe have different ideas, needs and wants to those in the political classes.
Research done by Chatham House, show that a vast majority of people across 10 European nations want ZERO immigration from Muslim countries. Only 20% wanted it to continue!

And the political elites are shocked by this. Their policy has long been to bring in as much immigration from Muslim countries as possible. They are directly at odds with the majority of the electorate.
The European people are sick of seeing its leaders grovel to the despotic, racist and misogynistic rulers of savage regimes. Marine Le Pen is certainly not one of these. In a month that has seen supposed feminists from the Swedish government don headscarves to meet with people in Iran, Le Pen has shown courage and self-respect. When she refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon (and in fact just cancelled the meeting on the spot), she has won the admiration of the world’s tired and put-upon:
Click here to watch the event.
Whether you agree with her politics or not, she is clearly a leader that not only understands her people, but also has the backbone to stick to her guns. She may eventually even out-Trump Trump.

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5 thoughts on “A Le Pen Victory in France is the Next Domino in the Trump/Brexit Political Earthquake”

  1. I’d prefer the world lost the EU to a Caliphate such that debate about what the intentions were, and what would happen would be perfectly clear to any sane person.
    I have no problem watching the EU die.

  2. Yeah, let France die, what an fine day, I have no sympathy with them what so ever.
    And by the way, IWB since we all know you hate Muslims, why dont you tell us what France did 2 days after the Nice attach, slaughtered over 40 children and 60+ women, with an fighter jet, yeah, how, uh…. manly.
    And this creeps wants us to feel sorry for them Frog f….. I will never ever do that, die France you deserve it to the full mounty.
    Just die and the world will be slightly better.
    France and this Jooish bitch, LP is whom created this mess, France and the Joooish ( Levy) rat pack started this war, remember morons, and France is still continuing with wars. and slaughtering s, the only thing is that nobody writes about it, weird isnt it, and the so called fight against terrorism in Africa, yeah, ISIS there to, how f….. convincing.
    France is an country that is rotting from within, like Norway and Sweden runn to the ground and plundered bare by the Joos.
    And Norway along with the Danes created this mess, Norse brave pilots burned Libyan children alive, yeah, bu I know you like that, more dead Muslims, right IWB. just another cheep whore of Babylon.


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