President Trump vs. Mainstream Media

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Just how intense is the infamous feud between President Trump and the mainstream media? Earlier today, the White House made headlines when they barred CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Politico, Buzzfeed, and other news outlets from a briefing with Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. However, Breitbart and The Washington Times were permitted to attend. These recent events may be shocking to some Americans; one could even argue as to whether or not this course of action was appropriate.
The mainstream media has a political, (some might even argue personal) vendetta against the President of the United States. Today’s excluded outlets have a long term pattern of using their reports as a means to tarnish the character of Mr. Trump. The President has been libelously slandered as  “racist,” despite the absence of concrete evidence. Established news outlets have repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to engage in fair, balanced reporting, therefore today’s ban was utterly justified. Americans are tired. We are tired of the media using their platform to promote their own agenda. Today’s events should serve as a lesson: report on American news, neutrally and without bias, or not at all.

I absolutely support the White House’s decision to prohibit CNN and other outlets from today’s briefing. It is astounding that the media and liberals lack the ability to understand that they embody everything they claim to oppose. Racism and bigotry are characteristics of the Left and the mainstream media has aligned themselves with left wing ideologies. Democrats make it their mission to label black Americans as “oppressed.” The epitome of racism is the belief that one’s skin color innately grants privilege or afflicts oppression. The ultimate form of bigotry is slandering people who share different worldviews. News outlets are not required to endorse the President; but as professionals, they are required to provide an accurate account of American news without inserting or promoting their personal opinions.