MSM Panics Over Comment Sections censoring and removing posts

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Not only is MSM distorting the news they are now censoring what folks have to say about their lies. The better the comment argument is, the more people believed the comments and not the articles. People judge the validity of an article based on the comments. I know I go to the comments section first to determine if I want to read the article to begin with.
People are being censored on twitter and elsewhere too.

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Published on Feb 23, 2017
Another bad day for CNN: the Project Veritas CNN Leaks have been released to the public. And isn’t this funny, it wasn’t my Rothschild criticism that caused Twitter to lock my account- it was my criticism of CNN anchor Jake Tapper. What a thin skinned man he is. I am not entitled to a voice, Jake Tapper? I very much disagree.
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12 thoughts on “MSM Panics Over Comment Sections censoring and removing posts

      • Because no one’s been thrown in jail nor have they had their equipment confiscated. The left – you people – are using nazi tactics to silence those who disagree with you. Riots, violent assault, all done by the nazis – the same thing the left is doing today.

      • I share this with the government schooled in order to help them out.
        Oct 23, 2014 The ‘Real’ Abe Lincoln
        From The Tom Woods Show, Professor Thomas DiLorenzo shares the gist of his scholarly works on Abe Lincoln. He demonstrates the reality of Abe is very different from the fairly tale version taught in government schools.

  1. More and more I am seeing “Removed by user” on various web sites. I wonder about this, especially where the whole article revolves around such media. I suspect a removal by the hosting web site, not the user.

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