A lot of people on here don’t seem to understand what a financial repo market is, or why it’s so important, so here’s an explainer


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  • Hedge Funds, Bank CEOs, etc own assets like bonds, etc but need cash in the near term to buy necessary things like boats, cars, mansions, 14 year olds, etc
  • That business is so large that on a dollar basis it’s the most significant base of transactions in the United States. But sometimes Billionaires run short on cash, so they borrow some from their friends at the Fed, the Treasury, or the Illuminati Grand Pyramid / Bass Pro Shop
  • When the Bass Pro Shop runs out of money to lend and Bill Ackman owes money to Dan Loeb who owes money to Ken Langone at the same time, they all don’t have enough cash to buy their standard daily Lamborghini (single use, they got gross after 2-3 rides)
  • So at this point the Fed has to repossess a lot of the cars, mansions, and 14 year olds, or else we might run out and then the economy would collapse.
  • What the Fed does is take those things that they “repo’ed” and sell them to the drug companies, who come up with money from poor people trying not to die from poor people problems like kidney failure or non helicopter-oriented vehicle crashes.
  • Warren Buffett famously does not buy lambos because he has that kidney money, so he gets them for free from the Fed and the Bass Pro Shop, and then he sells the lambos later to fund Charlie Munger’s crippling peanut brittle addiction.
  • Trump is mad at Powell because he wanted a cut of the repossessed real estate and a right of first refusal on the Eastern European 14 year olds, hence his tweeting. Powell works for the Fed, which answers only to The Bass Pro Shop as it is an independent entity.
  • The reason you buy gold when the Fed enters the market is because they drain the supply of lambos, meaning the Middle East And Russian big money guys coming to the UN thing next week will have buy gold coins to throw in the river and watch poor people dive for for fun.
  • This is the basis for all FX trading, not just gold, when you break it down to the essentials. I hope this has been helpful.






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