A Quick Reminder what the real Conspiracy is

by Puntenel

Divide and keep the people separated and hating each other.
If we could just stop all the shenanigans and start working together instead of against each other, helping fellow beings instead of kicking while they are down, we would all be in a far better place.
We are, in essence, all the same, just different individuations of this essence and some of those individuations need more help than others to realize this.
Why do so many people fall for the campaign of hate all the time and don’t just stop and think for a moment?
Property, Religion, Borders, all those tools are being used to give you a reason to hate.
If you truly feel superior over another being, then give that superiority a good use and help the other being achieve a similar state. For every service you do for another being is also a service for yourself, but in a positive way.
All this hate and anger have gotten way out of hand.
I feel like I have to explain a little bit more:
What I meant to say was don’t get caught up too much in “the system” just live a positive life and be the beacon of light for others. You always get what you give, so if you do not only speak in a positive way, but honestly act positive without expecting anything in return, life will give it back to you in a positive way.


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