iPhone ultrasound device that can spot CANCER: Doctor shows how he detected his own tumor

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  • Dr John Martin, 59, is the chief medical officer at Butterfly Network
  • His company is developing a handheld ultrasound device that can be connected to an iPhone
  • While the product was being tested for FDA clearance, Dr Martin noticed a lump in his throat
  • He tested himself with the product, and found out that he had cancer
  • He has now undergone surgery and radiation to treat it 
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Dr John Martin diagnosed his own stage four cancer last summer – using only his iPhone.

The 59-year-old doctor is a vascular surgeon and the chief medical officer at Butterfly Network, a company that has invented a handheld ultrasound machine that can connect to an iPhone called the Butterfly iQ.

While the product was being tested for FDA clearance in July, Dr Martin decided to scan his own neck using the device because he felt a mass in his throat.

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The results that popped up on his phone screen revealed he had metastatic cancer. It had started in his tongue and throat and spread to his neck.

After surgery, it was downgraded to stage three and now, coming to the end of six weeks of radiation, doctors say he looks set to be cured.



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