A virus is crippling China’s economy — and threatening the world’s

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Coronavirus likely now ‘gathering steam’

LIPSITCH: The ease of transmission is still being confirmed. In terms of the so-called “R-nought,” or how many secondary cases a single case infects, experts’ assessment is getting tighter around a level of transmissibility that’s perhaps lower than SARS, which was about 3 and higher than pandemic flu, which can be up to about 2. But what makes this one perhaps harder to control than SARS is that it may be possible to transmit before you are sick, or before you are very sick — so it’s hard to block transmission by just isolating confirmed cases.



From a rumor to 1,000 deaths: How the coronavirus outbreak unfolded for Americans at the epicenter

Sunday, Jan. 5: Reports of a virus

John McGory, a teacher in Wuhan originally from Youngstown, Ohio, first hears about a virus from his brother in Columbus. The unknown virus was reported Dec. 31 and has already sickened dozens. He is making plans to travel to Cambodia before returning to Ohio in March after six years living in China.



Coronavirus outbreak ‘just beginning’ outside China, says expert

The coronavirus epidemic may be peaking in China where it was first detected in the central city of Wuhan but it is just beginning in the rest of the world and likely to spread, a global expert on infectious diseases said on Wednesday.



WHO Denounces Claim of Potential 60% Coronavirus Infection Rate

The Guardian published the estimate made by Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University, early Tuesday morning.



A virus is crippling China’s economy — and threatening the world’s

In the locked down provinces, home to more than 140 million people, the gross domestic product (GDP) exceeds 10.6 trillion yuan ($1.5 trillion USD). There are nearly 100 million residents in the four municipalities, where the GDP typically is over 12 trillion yuan ($1.7 trillion USD). Among the top 10 economic performance cities, all except one have been in the state of lockdown.


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Currently Infected Patients
31,025 (79%)

in Mild Condition
8,216 (21%)

Serious or Critical

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