Chinese numbers garbage

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by Matties

I do not know why anybody wants calculations with Chinese concocted numbers.

Garbage in, garbage out.

I still hold the “Chinese meme” that Asians are far more prone to this disease.

Japanese should be very aware and awoke to use this word.

Overfull (ICU) hospitals are at risk to spread the virus especially for the staff.

Temperature is going to save the day if SARS is a good indication and i think it is.

Yes, new 2019 nCoV or whatever they call it, Wuflu, might have surprises but it is still corona, hiding with bats in caves in cold, away from the sunlight.

The biggest risk coming summer in Hong Kong is in air conditioned places.

And be aware of cured cases, they can be shedding virussen up to 80 days.

During the epidemic in days with lower air temperature the risk of a larger SARS epidemic in the community was 12.82-fold (95% CI 4.22–40.00, P<0.001) higher than that in days with higher air temperature (i.e. a temperature >24.6 xC) (Table 3). An increase of 1 xC in air temperature was associated with an average reduction of
1.6 patients.




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