A War on Many Fronts: the targeted operations To Ensure Illegal migrants Can Vote in 2020

by Mark Angelides

The battle for the White House in 2020 has begun, but this time, the keys to the front door rest in the hands of illegal immigrants. There is a systematic campaign underway across the US that seeks to ensure that it will be easier than ever for illegal aliens to be able to cast a ballot in the presidential elections. The ideas of the Left have been measured and found wanting; the next step is to cheat.
Over the last several years there have been low-level efforts to get illegals voting in key constituencies. here are some examples:
The Fairfax County board had discovered 278 registered voters who had represented to the DMV that they were not U.S. citizens. Almost half of them—117—had not only registered to vote, they had in fact voted in state and federal elections. The Department of Justice never followed up. Source.
In a new crackdown, Florida officials are investigating the citizenship of thousands of registered voters. CBS4 News has learned 2,000 of those potential non-citizen voters are registered in Miami-Dade County. At least one person on the list has had the opportunity to vote for the past 40 years. Source
It is clear that nothing proactive is being done to identify noncitizens on the rolls in Philadelphia. Registrants are only removed when a self-reporting notice is received. The election officials could only speculate as to what prompts registrants to send a notice, though it may be an immigration attorney telling an alien that they might endanger their citizenship applications if they were registered to vote illegally. In light of this, there is more than likely far more registered noncitizens on the rolls than those who take the initiative to ask to be removed, particularly among aliens registered who are not in the mainstream immigration process. Source.
An election integrity watchdog group is suing the state of Maryland, alleging that it has discovered massive and ongoing fraudulent voting by non-U.S. citizens in one county. But because of the way that the non-citizens are able to cast votes in elections, the fraud is likely happening in every single county and subdivision across the state. The group believes that the illegal voting has been happening for years. Source.
These are just a few examples, but there are literally hundreds more. This is the backdrop, but what is happening right now?
Chicago. Under Mayor Rham Emmanuel, new laws are coming in that will entitle everyone to an ID card. The ID however will be issued to any citizen without having to either leave a copy of your documents, or have your documents electronically recorded. The only three pieces of information will be name, age and chosen gender.
People applying will not be asked for their immigration status nor address. The card will entitle them to register for a full raft of state benefits. Not being tied to an address, it could be posited that these people may register themselves to vote (because after all, they only need to tick a box on a form saying they are entitled. the records office neither checks nor investigates unless a specific complaint is made) in a number of locations.
California. Having passed the State Senate vote (only awaiting Governor’s approval), a new bill will forbid anyone from enquiring about someone’s immigration status. It will make it illegal to cooperate with Federal government in regards to immigration enforcement. What’s the bet that fraudulent voting by illegals falls under this law?
Texas. For the second time, Judge Ramos of the Fifth Circuit has declared that having photographic ID for voting in elections is unconstitutional as it unfairly discriminates against black and Latino voters.
You need ID to buy cigarettes, drive a car, get insurance, have a bank account, and in many cases get a job, but apparently those practices are not discriminatory?
Yes, I know I sound like a paranoid delusional (and I actually asked myself recently “when did I become the guy who sees all these conspiracies as likely possibilities?”), but they are the groundwork for this. You may not believe it now, but watch as court case after court case is thrown out against illegal voting because of the laws and programs that are being created today.

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9 thoughts on “A War on Many Fronts: the targeted operations To Ensure Illegal migrants Can Vote in 2020”

  1. It’s already effectively legal for illegals to vote in California.
    The legislature has REMOVED any legal penalty for an illegal registered under the Motor Voter Law who votes illegally. Fact.

    • California has the best politicians money can buy and buy off. Who else would be stupid enough to vote for this crap unless their palms were heavily greased with lots and lots of money.

    • And the communists in NY are working to do the same thing….. automatically register THEIR ILLEGAL people to vote. VOTE ALL DEMS OUT of power… they’re serious about representing/defending/forcing taxpayers to support them, more than they care about we the people. They have chosen their side.. and it’s not OUR SIDE they represent any longer.

  2. Totally insane. Why can’t we just waltz into another country and vote for whoever we want with NO ID required? Why should the USA allow this to happen? Totally insane. Ditch the motor voter crap and demand ID when you vote. Nothing else will do.

  3. I sincerely doubt if the Supreme Court will allow those warped fucktards in California to get away with this kind of fraud. No where in the Constitution does it state that illegals have the right to vote in American elections.

  4. My grandmother lived to be 96, never drove, voted in every election and had to furnish a photo ID to vote. I’ve always been asked for a photo ID. “[T]he next step is to cheat” needs to be corrected to “cheat more.”

  5. THE FIRST STEP- All States and territories in The U.S. Republic must normalize a common, consistent and reliable process for VOTER REGISTRATION. Verifiable proof of citizenship in form of naturalization document, birth certificate or current US passport MUST be presented to become a registered voter. No registration, No vote, No exceptions.
    Step 2, Unique photo voter ID card/Proof of Registration should be automatically generated by States, at no charge, using basic registration details.
    Step 3, Federal auditing, by State, of all electronic voting systems, require retention of M/c paper reports to enable auditing. Ban/disable fractional vote counting features.
    Penalty : The House of Representatives can impose a penalty in Presidential elections by rejecting any non-compliant State’s Electoral votes during the final count.

  6. TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY IN THE US. Amend the constitution. STRIP all rouge entities such as Muslims, Leftist, Anarchist and even pretentious atheists and even moral perverts (the likes of Hugh Hefner, etc.) , their rights vested by the CONSTITUTION WHICH IS PRIMARILY WRITTEN FOR A NATION SWORN TO EXIST IN UNITY UNDER GOD. There should be no place in this democracy ALL WHO OPPOSE the GOD (the Judeo-Christian God) on whom the founding fathers of the United States of America placed their faith and future of this great CHRISTIAN NATION.

  7. VOTERS: Remember this is just one more example of the dem party/their elected leaders violating our LAWS. They have become anti-Un American party…… THEIR illegals have become more important to THEM than the taxpaying Americans who INSIST our voting rights/privileges remain ONLY with American citizens…. DO NOT vote them into power or re-elect them as they clearly prove our OWN people are not who they represent any longer.


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