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by Pooka

First reports of attacks by Pro-Regime gangs this #23F. A bus carrying members of National Assembly was attacked by a Maduro gang carrying assault rifles. Gang stole their personal belongings. Several unarmed civilians wounded.
From Senator Rubio’s Twitter account

Twitter link, now ten videos instead of one, to include a convoy of school buses which were positioned as a blockade

Shooting is taking place already between civilians and Venezuelan National Guard. This is not good.

There is more – hope we find more links to detail current conditions.

Perhaps the refusal of the government to let in the supplies from the US was the final straw for the desperate people, on top of the political struggles, still unsettled.


Later Friday, Juan Guaidó, the head of the Venezuelan opposition who has claimed the nation’s mantel of legitimate leadership and called Maduro a “usurper,” made a surprise appearance in the border city of Cúcuta, Colombia, after a secretive trip by land from the capital of Caracas. His arrival to assist in the effort to cart humanitarian aid across the border smacked of an embarrassment for Maduro.

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The humanitarian aid offered by both the US and Russia seems to be the weapon each side is using to attack the other. Meanwhile none of it is getting to the people who desperately need it. Maduro is obdurate about preventing it and his opponent is determined it WILL get to the people.


Maduro’s anti-Venezuela Aid Live concert gets little support

Clashes at Venezuelan border as Maduro withholds humanitarian aid

Maduro has said he doesn’t want U.S. aid, but he is accepting about 300 tons of aid from Russia.

The headlines, like the one above, are looking sadder and sadder. The concert did not have the hoped-for effect.



Patients die as Venezuela’s politicians fight over medical aid stuck at border

On Saturday, a San Cristóbal education official, Aurelio Galán, undertook an exhausting journey over winding mountain roads in triple-digit heat to Cúcuta to join a rally demanding the release of medical supplies. His wife, Luz Marina, stood by his side clutching a plastic bag of dialysis solution, which she has had to buy in Colombia since their state-run clinic stopped providing it a month ago.

A week’s supply equals her husband’s entire monthly salary. He won’t be able to buy them for much longer, he said.

There is a description of what’s happening in a ward of desperately ill babies, also. Most have bacterial infections and will soon die without the antibiotics held at the border.

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Feb. 22 (UPI) — At least two people died in fighting Friday at the Venezuela border when troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro opened fire on citizens attempting to keep the border open to accept humanitarian aid this weekend.

The shooting occurred on Venezuela’s southern border with Brazil in the village of Kumarakapai. The gunfire started when volunteers stood in front of military vehicles, defying them to close the border route, The Washington Post reported.

About 30 protesters were involved, of whom 12 were injured. The dead demonstrator was a woman identified as Zorayda Rodriguez.

“The majority of the people support the entrance of humanitarian aid, and we want to keep our border open,” protester Carmen Elena Silva said. “This is help, not war … Every day more children die.

Video of tear gas and gun shots at a caravan.

Chaos, please find twitter account of Sen. Rubio and see what’s there.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who declared himself interim leader last month, attended the Colombian concert along with several Latin American leaders.

The clashes occurred when members of the community confronted Venezuelan troops on Friday morning in the southern Venezuelan town of Kumarakapay, AFP news agency reports.

Troops then opened fire on individuals who tried to block a road with the aim of preventing military vehicles from passing, witnesses said.

A local woman and her husband were killed (in Spanish), according to the human rights group Kapé Kapé.


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