This is how ideas will be sqaushed when the elections roll around.

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As you may have heard, we’ve reviewed and removed thousands of inappropriate comments that appeared against videos from creators with minors in them. We’ve also terminated hundreds of viewer accounts for the comments they left on videos and reported illegal behavior to the NCMEC so they can work with the proper authorities.
While the creators of these videos may have done nothing wrong, we’re going above and beyond our existing protections in the near term on content that may include or endanger minors. Our goal is to protect creators and the broader ecosystem while we improve our systems.
We’ve also taken some additional measures out of an abundance of caution:
Disabling comments 
We’ve disabled comments on tens of millions of videos that may include minors and therefore are at risk of predatory comments. As part of these actions, comments may be temporarily disabled on some or all of your videos.
  • We know comments are a key way creators connect with their community, but this was an important step for the safety of minors on YouTube and a precaution while we work to further improve our systems. We’re investing more in the tools we have to detect and remove this content.
  • If you are a parent or have minors in your videos please read our privacy & safety center and consider keeping your comments turned off.
Limited Monetization
Videos that include minors and are at risk of predatory comments may receive limited or no ads (yellow icon). If you think we made a mistake please appeal. We’ll continue to refine our approach in the coming weeks and months.
Additionally, if you see any type of content (videos, comments, etc.) that you think exploits minors, please flag it for review and select “child abuse” in the reporting tool. No form of content that endangers minors is acceptable to us.
We’re taking swift action to ensure we’re identifying as much of this content as possible and will continue to take additional actions over the coming days and weeks to keep minors and the creator ecosystem safe. We will keep you posted as these changes occur.

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