Africans Sick Of Lies/Abuse In DNC Tell United Nations to Leave? People Protest!

by Thinker


The United Nations…are they there for peace keeping, or is it all just an illusion for invasion and control of nations under a nwo??? In Africa in the Congo, earlier in the month it was reported that a UN truck overturned and was filled will minerals that were being smuggled out of the country by the “PEACE KEEPERS UN.” Citizens of Beni state in DRC are tired with UN soldiers commonly known as MONUC. Recently they confronted the soldiers in anger and are told them to leave their country and Go back where they came from… Developing.

Not much changing for the better, when it comes to news of the United Nations…

Flashback 2005 – The Corruption of the United Nations – The oil-for-food scandal was an international embarrassment—but it’s just one example in an organization rife with corruption.

By Mark Jenkins

Rape. Murder. Billions of dollars in fraud and embezzlement on a global scale. The United Nations, formed to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” has instead become more like a movie too graphic to show your children. In the last year, the reputation of the UN has been shredded by allegations of kickbacks, billions of dollars in graft in the oil-for-food scandal, the rape of minors in the Congo sex scandal, and a total lack of accountability. United Nations officials know it’s time for serious reform.

The independent report on the oil-for-food scandal, produced by a committee led by former U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Paul Volcker, was finally released in September. Criticizing the UN from top to bottom, the language of the report was crystal clear: “The inescapable conclusion from the committee’s work” is that the UN “needs thorough reform—and it needs it urgently.” We will see exactly how serious the lapses in judgment were at every level.

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But with a:…ed-nations

Flashback 2008 – United Nations Facing More Corruption Allegations

The controversy surrounding the United Nations and claims of corruption within the body, continues today with allegations that members of the UN have engaged in a cover up stemming from allegations they have been trafficking in gold and arms. The most recent allegations which are denied by the United Nations follow a pattern of what at best has been called incompetence and at worse, corruption within the United Nations body. The BBC alleges that the UN ignored or suppressed evidence that its troops in DR Congo gave arms to militias, and smuggled gold and ivory. According to Marie Okabe, deputy spokeswoman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the claims made by BBC, the allegations are:

Flashback 2013 – UN “Peacekeeping” Troops Face Scandals on Sex Crimes, Corruption

United Nations so-called “peacekeeping” troops are once again at the center of global outrage. Among other scandals, the UN and forces under its command are facing lawsuits and fresh waves of criticism for everything from corruption and lawlessness to spreading deadly diseases and even sexually abusing civilian populations in countries they occupy — an ongoing problem with UN troops that has been documented around the world. The UN, however, claims to be essentially immune, sparking further anger as thousands of Haitians continue to die from cholera spread by its “peace” forces.

In recent days and weeks, scandal-plagued UN war-making forces — dubbed “peacekeepers” in an Orwellian example of deceptive doublespeak — have faced accusations on three primary fronts. The first is a lawsuit filed in U.S. courts noting that the global entity’s soldiers were responsible for a:…corruption

Flashback 2015 – Six charged in alleged U.N. corruption scheme

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NEW YORK – U.S. authorities Tuesday announced charges against six people in an alleged United Nations corruption and bribery scheme involving millions of dollars in secret payoffs to a former president of the world body’s General Assembly. John Ashe, the former U.N. ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda, accepted more than $3 million in bribes and other payments from business officials to back construction of a U.N.-sponsored conference center in Macau, China and advance the alleged plotters’ business plans at the U.N. and with senior Antiguan officials during his 2013-2014 term as General Assembly president, according to a federal court complaint.

In exchange for the payments, Ashe allegedly submitted a document to the U.N. Secretary General’s office showing a need for the conference center. He also shared a portion of the payments with senior officials of Antigua, including the country’s then-prime minister, the court complaint charged. The suspects channeled and concealed the alleged bribes by using U.S.-based non-governmental organizations purportedly established to promote the U.N.’s official mission and development goals, the complaint charged.

Ashe allegedly used the payments for:…/73438750/

A world of problems: the United Nations at 70 United Nations – 70 years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?

The United Nations has saved millions of lives and boosted health and education across the world. But it is bloated, undemocratic – and very expensive. In its 70 years, the United Nations may have been hailed as the great hope for the future of mankind – but it has also been dismissed as a shameful den of dictatorships. It has infuriated with its numbing bureaucracy, its institutional cover-ups of corruption and the undemocratic politics of its security council. It goes to war in the name of peace but has been a bystander through genocide.…ed-nations


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