Body language expert breaks down a campaigning Obama — looks weak and lost

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IF-IF-IF-IF-IF-IF-IF :: Body Language Expert: Barrack Obama Midterm Campaigning – Slouching, chin down, eyes wide open – Obama and the Dems are DEFEATED and he knows it.

Obama looks weak and fragile campaigning for the 2018 midterms. At the 4:35 mark Obama has trouble talking. Obama’s swag and confidence are gone. It’s obvious Obama is a broken man.

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President Trump broke Obama.

Obama did nothing on illegal aliens either, so he can’t really talk about it. Greedy employers laugh at minimum wage laws because of the slave labor available from illegals. Every legal worker suffers from wage drop because of illegals. Trump may not be perfect, but on the wall, he is right, that will help the legal workers in the USA.

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