After BuzzFeed’s FAKE NEWS Trump Makes HISTORIC Press Statement The Media Will NEVER RECOVER From

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, BuzzFeed got nuked by Mueller’s office on Friday night after the liberal media platform floated a fake news Trump-Cohen-Moscow report late Thursday night.

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President Trump said it “hurts him” to see the mainstream media at such a low point of trustworthiness.

President Trump: I thought the Buzzfeed piece and equally as bad the coverage of the Buzzfeed story, it was a totally phony story, and I appreciate the Special Counsel coming out with a statement last night. I think it was very appropriate that they did so. I very much appreciate that. I think that the Buzzfeed piece as a disgrace to our country. It was a disgrace to journalism. And I think also that the coverage by the mainstream media was disgraceful. And I think it’s going to take a long time for the mainstream media to recover its credibility. It’s lost tremendous credibility. And believe me, that hurts me when I see that… It hurts me to say it but mainstream media has truly lost its credibility.