After Flooding Europe With Migrants, Germany Asks for Institutionalization of Mass Migration

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by Chris Black

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is known in the Muslim community as “the mother of refugees”. Migrants call her ‘Muttie Merkel” (mother Merkel) and are very happy to take selfies with the former communist party apparatchik. The thing about Angela Merkel is that she owns the European Union migrant crisis, after she invited millions of (majority Muslim) so-called refugees (most of them welfare shoppers looking for handouts in progressive countries like Germany or Sweden) to enter the EU, completely disregarding border security and EU law in the process. And now, after the EU was flooded with millions (nobody knows the exact figure) of third world immigrants, Angela Merkel is asking the EU to basically institutionalize mass migration via a common EU asylum system, after she invited the problem to Europe without asking a single German (Germany is theoretically speaking a democracy) if that would be okay.

What Merkel is asking for is a common asylum system all across EU member states, in which all countries would be force-fed their “fair share” of “refugees” nobody asked for (except Merkel), and she presented her ingenious view about the future Europeans last week via a 6-point so-called plan. The plan is aimed at (oh, the irony) preventing another migrant-crisis (there was no crisis to begin with, as refugees were openly invited to enter the EU back in 2015, sponsored by Soros-backed NGOs, encouraged by Merkel and various EU luminaries, not to mention the entire left wing mainstream media etc) from hitting the European Union, even she is fully responsible for the first one. To achieve her noble goal, Merkel seeks to further cement Germany’s and EU’s relationship with Turkey via a new migrant deal, that would  translate into bribing Erdogan’s Islamic dictatorship with billions of euros (taxpayers money by the way) in exchange for him stopping migrants from crossing into Greece via the Aegean Sea. Merkel also said that the EU and Germany should waste untold billions of euros in sponsoring the United Nations Refugee Agency, which is known for doing a tremendous job in its long and successful history (I am being sarcastic).

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 Proving once again how much of a globalist puppet she really is, Merkel  blamed Syria’s president Assad for the migrant crisis and urged the EU to close deals with African nations in order to prevent another migrant wave from hitting EU’s porous borders.

However, Merkel doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that a strong European Union border is something to contemplate if one looks to stop illegal immigrants from sneaking into EU countries. Also, enforcing EU laws would be nice and it would work like a charm; just look at how efficiently conservative journalists were banned (and then deported) from entering UK last week. Too bad the same treatment does not apply to jihadists and illegal immigrants from 3rd world countries. Merkel said that existing “Migrants must be integrated as soon as possible.” Can’t she get it through her thick head that Muslims don’t want to integrate, and have no intention of doing so?

They think they will burn in hellfire if they have non-Muslim friends (that’s what the Koran repeatedly says) so integration is not ever going to happen. They’d actually have to stop being Muslims for integration even to have a chance of working.

This fact should be thrown in the face of anyone who mentions the myth of Muslim integration. Take the Coptic Christians in Egypt for example.  1400 years and they are outnumbered and persecuted relentlessly in their own once Christian country.

The imams also discourage contact with non-Muslims, as even partial “integration” would lessen their hold over the migrant population. Thus Muslims are kept dependent and subject to the religious guidance of the imams, tailored to ensure migrant subservience. That way the new arrivals can be kept as a resource for political and economic purposes. Regarding the latter, all those migrants on unfunded welfare can be expected to pay their zakat (alms) to the mosque communities. The imams certainly understand how important that is. The truth is, Muslims do want integration, it’s just they want it in the style of the Borg. They want to integrate with us, by us surrendering all we are and adopting their ways without question.

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