Why I Am Non-Partisan

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by Chris

This Venn diagram pretty accurately captures my reasoning for not getting too worked up over which party is better than the other.

Truly a distinction without a difference.

While we are all mainly bickering about wedge issues, the ecosystem is collapsing, irreplaceable energy reserves are expended in SUVs, and massive deficits, debts, unfunded liabilities, and deferred maintenance on critical infrastructure are being piled up and left for the next generations to deal with.

Meanwhile 96 out of 100 US Senators voted for an $80 billion increase in US military expenditures for this year alone.

Think the vote might have been a little more contentious if we didn’t have big, bad Russia being crammed down our media throats each and every day for the past year?

The way I see it, the Russian narrative is merely clever marketing by an out of control MI complex and, boy, has it worked on some of you.  They merely figured out that terrorism was Pepsi, but Russia was Coke.

Please note the dozens of articles coming out now about how Russia might decide to nuke us first and their hypersonic missiles and all the reasons that this means we need low yield nukes and vastly expanded funding for some next gen super exotic anti-anti missile missiles.

Meanwhile, here are some forlorn people from Detroit trying to draw attention to the fact that they’ve been living with toxic water for nearly four years now all for want of a few million dollars to tie the city’s water system to a clean supply.

Great title, right?  This is what collapse looks like.  Help never comes.

At any rate, the idea that the US is somehow under attack from a clever and determined Russia just doesn’t have a lot of purchase in my world because the evidence simply isn’t there.  The hyperbole, the marketing, the repetition…that’s all there.

The true threat lies within, and both parties currently own that problem. Sure, it’s always a lot easier to blame outsiders for your personal problems, but it’s never effective.

Time for America to take responsibility for itself.  Russia didn’t force the Senate to spend an extra $80 billion on “defense” while totally ignoring Detroit’s water issues.  They did that all by themselves.  Both parties.


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