Airlines to face up to $113 BILLION revenue hit this year

by deckoff8-

Were you one of the airline put holders that was worried after AAL/DAL/UAL all finished up today? Well I’m here to give you some good news like a hot blast from my wife’s boyfriend to her face: new estimates have airlines losing 63 to 113 BILLION WITH A B dollars in revenue this year. That’s 11-19% of their annual revenue

Imagine thinking this shit is already priced in!!!! For the shittier airlines like AAL who already had negative free cash flow and massive debts and negative share holder equity, this means they will GET F*CKED. The only risk factor I believe is Trump coming in and bailing their ass out, but that shouldn’t happen until their stock drops faster to their knees than your mom after a few drinks at the sailor convention.

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So for all you airline put holders, ESPECIALLY AAL, be 💎🙌, because there’s going to be a lot more pain.

Premarket agrees with me, as it’s already down 4+ precent.

Positions for funsies:


TLDR: Strong 💎🙌 on airline puts.


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