For anyone following APT, management already cashed out and they made out like bandits

by landhag69

Hooooooly hell was it a good month to have a stock option compensation plan at good ol’ Alpha Pro-Tech. The CEO sold 455,667 shares (all but 1,000 beneficially owned) on 2/28 at a price of $34.49 for a total of $15,715,954.83! This guy is going to outdo Fortune 500 CEOs this year and he runs a fucking microcap.

Even the lower-level directors made out like bandits with everybody exercising ALL their options with strikes between $1.90-$3.90 and selling it all near the all-time bubble high. Even investor relations lady (edit: widow of the founder) pulled millions.

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Seriously considering sending in my fucking resume. The puts I got while it was at $38 are printing, but goddamn. You could nearly outperform the market just holding this stock during sane times and selling for +1250% when a pandemic or scare pops it once every 10 years.

If anyone is still long this thing, get out while the getting’s good.

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Check out the form 4’s for yourself here.

Edit: for those who haven’t been following along, this stock was trading at $3.20 three months ago and has spiked with every major virus before crashing back down.


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