Alberta bar closes after ‘overwhelming’ number of threats after opting into vax pass

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Langdon Firehouse Bar & Grill

A very disheartening letter to the community!

Until further notice, the firehouse will be closed to the
public other then take out and delivery. We will be open
from 4 to 9 starting tomorrow with pick up and delivery.
The patios will also be closed. This is only a temporary
thing. We are hoping to be back open very soon!

This past weekend we were overwhelmed with threats and
bullying both in person and online. This was directed to
the ownership group and the staff! We feel the safety of
ourselves and our staff is at risk!

We have worked with guidelines and restrictions for the
last 2 years. We have stayed in constant contact with the
community and done everything we possibly can to not pick
a side. We have always tried do what is right for the
community, our staff and this business. We have made very
difficult decisions for the greater good of the community
and our business.

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The beliefs that people have, have become more than just
beliefs, they have become anger and hate.

This has impacted us in a way we did not expect.

All comments on the Firehouse page and private messaging
to the Firehouse has been turned off because we are not
willing to aid or participate in any more hateful

Our final comment on this… our MISSION statement is…
whether it be a friend, family or a stranger… remember we
are all in this together. It should be ok to agree or
disagree! Respect has been lost in this storm and we
refuse to be part of it.

**UPDATE: We have had a couple other bars and restaurants
contact us today. They are experiencing the same thing!
This is not just a personal attack on the Firehouse, it’s
on the whole industry! ***

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