Norway now considers COVID as just another strain of the flu.

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FHI: We can now compare the coronaviruset with the flu
After a year and a half with the state of emergency, move the Uk into a new paradigm, where the coronaviruset no longer are more dangerous than other respiratory infections.

– We are now in a new phase where we need to look at coronaviruset as one of several respiratory diseases with variation, ” says assistant director Geir Bukholm in the FHI to VG.

It is because most of them are in b vaccination programs are protected. And even if the virus is still circulating, keep sykehustallene low. Thus, it will not coronaviruset lead to a huge burden on the health care system. For those vaccinated who is potentially infected and the symptoms, the vast majority get light forkjølelseslignende symptoms.

Coronaviruset blend into the range of other respiratory diseases, such as colds and sesonginfluensa.

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Regardless of what the Rona marketing team says about dELtA… it’s no more deadly than the other 4,000 strains of the Rona

With the actual virus, The global average IFR is only ~0.15% which is the same as influenza.


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