ALL FBI ANTI-TRUMP Text Messages Visualized as Actual Texts! EASIEST WAY TO SHARE!

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ALL FBI ANTI-TRUMP Text Messages Visualized as Actual Texts! EASIEST WAY TO SHARE!

Incredibly creepy that we can have such blatant proof of treason and the bureaucrats can brush it off with “we’ll do better” “we’ll train our people” (on how not to get caught in 2020), etc

Seems to me that the swamp could prevent the possibility of dangerous social upheaval by arresting a select group of their traitor-kin.

Until that happens and we are shown an example of justice being brought to the elite, I am ready to march. I dont even care if i get fired or killed, not that I expect that. But what is my life worth compared to Freedom? Many many soldiers have died to preserve the Free society with the Free Elections that these traitors actively and demonstrably tried (and are still trying) to tear down. Why would my job/status/life be worth more than those soldiers? It’s not. And if laws are followed then I am safe performing my duty in this matter, unlike the soldier who is in danger whether or not traitorous entities break the law and further endanger them. So the least I can do, in comparison, is march. Just waiting for the cue for a good ol classic Demonstration, to perhaps help convince deep staters to make the right choice and prevent eventual disaster.

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2 tier justice is over. We are ending it. The deep state gets to choose how it ends. With courts? I like the idea of ending it that way. Use the justice system we spent centuries developing. That is my preferred method. That would be best for everyone, Americans, useful idiots, and traitors alike. So I really do hope the Deeps choose court. Trying to wipe this away with Fake News is a psuedo choice. It is euphemism for an unspeakable choice. To maintain their current direction in this illusory choice is to welcome eventual disaster, imo.



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