All They Have To Do Is Not Be Crazy, And They Can’t Even Do That

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Florida Man Arrested, Accused of Threatening to Kill Children of GOP Rep Over Immigration Policies.

A man from Stuart, Florida is in jail after being accused of threatening to harm the children of Republican Rep. Brian Mast (Fla.).

Mast, who represents the state’s 18th Congressional District has three young children, all under the age of 8. The arrested man, Laurence Wayne Key, is facing federal charges for the offense of “communication of a threat to kidnap or injure a person.” He threatened Mast’s children in response to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, according to NBC affiliate WPTV.


Keep it up, lefties. Threatening kids and screaming at women is a really good look for you….



THE NEW RULES: Actor Ron Perlman: Hopefully Someone Will Pee In Trump’s KFC. “Is this evidence that liberals have reached a crass new depth in incivility towards the right or is it evidence that Ron Perlman has some sort of undiagnosed head injury?”

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How many people go their entire lives without having the impulse to piss on themselves, in any context? When was the last time you ran into someone whom you deeply dislike and thought, “I want my urine on him, even if it means having my urine on me first”?

Also, his visceral disgust at Weinstein suggests that he had some idea, if only through the grapevine, of what Weinstein was up to with the women around him. Given the option to call the police, Perlman chose to … piss on himself instead.

As Glenn has noted here previously, Trump’s greatest talent is for goading the progressive left into revealing their true selves.

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PAUL RAHE: Do the Democrats Want a Civil War? We Need to Know.

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WHY ARE LIBERALS ALWAYS SO VIOLENT? Great question that Craig Shirley and Scott Mauer pose today on LifeZette. “Such is the modern liberal Democratic Party, where violence trumps dialogue, where calls for the heads of politicians are more than just words, they’re actual threats,” write the Shirley/Mauer duo. Shirley is the award-winning author of the best chronicles of Ronald Reagan’s rise from Hollywood to the White House.


Now Crazy Liberal Democrats are accussing other Democrats of being racists!

Check this out:

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