Alleged President Biden Goes Full Totalitarian: No jab, No job

by Chris Black

Interesting: Joe goes against the government unions.  Strange days. A few years back my distinct impression was that government workers could not be fired under any circumstances short of nuking the world.

But less than a year ago this was said:

Biden is going to mandate all employers (100 workers or more) require #COVID19 vaccinations or weekly virus tests, affecting as many as 100 million Americans.

Don’t get it, simple as. If they try to make you get it, quit. Talk to co-workers and get them to quit with you.

You can walk through any large company and find hundreds of OSHA violations that can run into the millions of dollars in fines. 

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If they want to push an OSHA rule for vaccination, then call up OSHA and turn your company in for every violation you can find. 

Did you know that plugging anything in without a grounding plug in an office building is an OSHA violation? The fine can be $20k for every occurrence.

Take some measurements from electrical boxes. Anything placed within a certain distance of one is a violation. 

Did you know that every office needs to have representatives certified by a first responder in how to use fire extinguishers, and tested yearly? Do you know who in your office is certified?

I bet if you work in an industrial building, you have no idea where your safety and quality assurance manual is. You are actually required to know what is in it. 99% of the required people have probably never read it.

If they want to fire you, put them out of business.


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