Moscow Says US Money Printing Causing Global Inflation Crisis

by Chris Black

Where’s the lie? However, nothing can prevent the US government from using its place as the center of the global economy to purposefully collapse the global economy as part of a lunatic “Great Reset” conspiracy plot.

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By racking up trillions of dollars in debt and injecting huge sums of cash into the country’s economy, America has contributed to rising prices and lower spending power across the world, a top Russian government official has said.

Maxim Oreshkin, an advisor to President Vladimir Putin, told the Moscow Financial Forum on Wednesday that Russia had been forced to increase public spending, but to a lesser extent.

“The economic policy response to the crisis has to match the size of the economic problem,” Oreshkin said. “When you’re in the deepest recession since WWII, you need to come up with answers the same size.”



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