Almost One Year in and the Dems Still Don’t Know How to Handle Trump or Move Past Clinton/DNC Corruption

by Robert Carbery

Almost a full year into Donald Trump’s presidency and the Democrats are still falling over themselves over how to handle the reality TV show presidency. A couple recent reports from progressive institutions tell different stories on how to deal with the Donald and move forward past the crooked Hillary loss last year.
At the Center for American Progress, a final report was issued on Clinton’s defeat in last year’s election and paves a path forward on how to move past it and recover power and influence back in Washington. Still, in reviewing the report, it remains clear that the lessons of last year’s epic Democratic defeat have been far from fully established or accepted. And how to move past it all remains a confusing and contentious debate within the crumbling Democratic Party.
“Have we learned the lessons from 2016 as we apply them to ‘17, ‘18, ‘20? I don’t think yet. I just want to be sober about this,” said Matt Morrison, co-executive director of Working America, an affiliate group of the AFL-CIO. “I don’t know that anyone here wants to imagine Mitch McConnell with 60 votes in U.S. Senate, but that’s a very real possibility unless we actually learn our lessons.” With the latest revelations of the rigging of the DNC and Hillary for America’s stranglehold on it, screwing Bernie Sanders in the process, which we all knew but now we know the truth courtesy of Donna Brazile, it is possible the GOP gains seats in next year’s elections as opposed to the recent trend of the sitting party losing seats right away.
The Clinton camp remains fixated on the nonexistent Russian election interference and collusion with the Trump administration. And Sanders supporters can’t move past the rigging of their own party. The Vermont Socialist never stood a chance. From the very beginning, Hillary had the nomination. The primary was just a TV show.
This division will continue to tear the Dems apart.
“If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead,” Brazile wrote in a recent Politico article touting her new book coming out soon. “This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.” While refreshing that the truth finally emerged, this will continue to anger much of the left wing of the Democratic Party. It could take some time for the wounds to heal. Meanwhile, Trump moves forward with his significant tax cuts in the House and Senate that could ensure Republican gains in both houses of Congress in next year’s midterm elections.

A second 2016 report, put together by two liberal authors that titled it: “The Democratic Party in Crisis,” blames the DNC leadership for all that is going on on the left right now.
“Siding with the people who constitute the base isn’t truly possible when party leaders seem to be afraid of them,” wrote progressives Karen Bernal and Norman Solomon, in a report supported by the liberal group, Action for a Progressive Future. “Retaining control of the national party apparatus has meant locking the doors of the Democratic National Committee to ward off groundswells of participation.”
This report states that the DNC is to blame for squeezing the voters out of the primary election process. Instead of fighting for progressive values, they have given into the Clinton machine that failed them disastrously last year, despite complete control of the party and all its resources. The report goes on to claim that the DNC should be promoting free college and single-payer Medicare for all. So, it sounds like they want to move harder to the left and hand over the party to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Which is likely inevitable.
Will the Democrats ever win again if they continue to focus on identity politics? Their move away from working to win white working class families has failed them and their resisting of Trump has proven fruitless so far, despite teaming up with the MSM to put the Trump is a joke narrative out there.  
The Center for American Progress report declares that the Democrats must attract Americans of all races and classes, instead of focusing on one or the other that is more likely to vote for them. It would also help if they get someone to lead their party who is not a crook and not trusted by a majority of Americans?
The enthusiasm is simply not there for the party of progressives at the moment. Our two-party system is hopefully beginning its long, slow decline. It will take time. But as Americans continue to wake up to the corruption inherent in both major parties, we will hopefully come to realize that we do not need them. The R v. D setup is not in our Constitution. It does not need to continue in perpetuity. I believe many voters are finally waking up to that fact.
Trump is the start of that destruction. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. What is not up for debate right now though is that Democrats are more fractured than they’ve ever been and are struggling with how to move forward and win during the age of Trump. They are 0-for-4 in special House races this year in GOP districts, but Tuesday’s races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia look like an opportunity for them to break their dry spell.
Will they start to win again and will they ever figure out how to defeat Trump? Doesn’t look like it at the moment.
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