Am I the only one out there who thinks we may be socially distancing to some degree all the way up to the vaccine?

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by leggopatt712

I just don’t hear anyone discussing this, in small circles or in the media. From what I have heard, if we go back out and “turn the economy on” that spread may just re occur. The ONLY reason we’ve been able to slow this down is because we aren’t further spreading it. Once it slows to a stop, that doesn’t mean the virus is gone, right? I have read some speculation on antibody immunity as well plasma transfusions as an effective treatment but nothing 100% solid yet. Maybe I’m just scared, but I think we might be getting into a new normal that lasts 12 months, not 3. I’m open to opinions really welcome, encourage and am asking for a forum on this subject. (: cheers!

Americans are underestimating duration of coronavirus crisis, experts say

Public health experts are increasingly worried that Americans are underestimating how long the coronavirus pandemic will disrupt everyday life in the country, warning that the Trump administration’s timelines are offering many a false sense of comfort.

Coronavirus cases are expected to peak in mid-April in many parts of the country, but quickly reopening businesses or loosening shelter-in-place rules would inevitably lead to a new surge of infections, they said.

Meanwhile, other parts of the country are only now implementing restrictions and others have not yet ordered the closure of non-essential businesses, creating a patchwork response that will slow progress toward the goal of driving down transmission of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

“The administration has consistently shown a desire to underplay the severity of whatever is coming. And they’re constantly adjusting that — as it becomes harder to deny the reality will be worse than what they’ve conditioned people for,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development.

Konyndyk said he and other experts he’s discussed the matter with believe an “intensive period of social distancing and a national semi-voluntary lockdown” will last for months.



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