Amazon reveals new robot “sparrow” will take over the job of hundreds of thousands of amazon workers

  • Amazon on Thursday unveiled new warehouse technology at its robotics and delivery conference.
  • The robotic arm, called “Sparrow,” can lift and sort items of varying shapes and sizes.

on Thursday showed off a new robot that could one day assist warehouse workers with some of the more tedious aspects of the job.

The company unveiled “Sparrow,” a robotic arm that can pluck millions of items of varying shapes and sizes, on stage at the Delivering the Future conference near Boston, where it showcased new robotics, transportation and last-mile delivery technologies.

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Amazon says Sparrow uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to move products before they’re packaged. A video of Sparrow shows the robotic arm picking up a board game, a bottle of vitamins and a set of sheets — all the kinds of items that might flow through one of the company’s warehouses — and deftly placing them in crates.


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