America got through the Gas shortages in 73 by being Americans

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by CingC

Gas and oil are a weapon. That is why I’m surprised that Darkside, whoever they really are, is claiming they meant no harm to the general public. What a lie.

Back in 73, which few of you remember, Americans were asked BY the GOVERNMENT to ration fuel. Yes the government was sorta kinda looking out for our needs back then. ( My how things have changed.)

In 73, a system of rationing was based on your ending license tag number with even numbers on MWF and odd on TThSat. ( Not much was even open on Sunday.)

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You were allowed to purchase an amount depending on the station’s stock.

I remember neighbors siphoning at home and sharing with the higher mileage people you knew.

The biggest problem out of all of the mess was pricing. The higher gas prices took a hit on the economy which was already reeling from a market drop.

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And this was all about the Yom kipper war, about changing Israel’s boundaries.

DarkSide may just be greedy hackers. Darkside is one of those shadowy mobs that is often produced by our own 3 letter agencies.

I predict before its all over, we will know. Rich people don’t like their gas messed with. This pipeline shutdown affects every single American. Don’t loose that point.



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