America Is Becoming a Sanctuary Country, Where’s the Wall?

by Chris Black

Let me begin with an important question: are you okay with the notion that America will become (and I mean that literally) a sanctuary country in just a couple of years from now? Or, to put it simply, a country with no borders and an “allow anyone to stay” immigration policy? Let me elaborate on one of the most under looked stories of our time: as per a Washington Times report from Friday, quoting the Federation for American Immigration Reform, almost 50 percent (that would be half for millenials) of all Americans now live in a sanctuary city or a sanctuary jurisdiction. Think about this for a moment: half of the country already lives in either a city/town/county jurisdiction that has sanctuary status for illegal aliens.

If this trend continues, according to the report from the Washington Times, within 5 to 10 years, considering the way it’s been exponentially proliferating and expanding  (the sanctuary movement that is), we’re going to have the entire US become a sanctuary country. If you want to see how fast this movement has exploded and taken off, according to the Fair Report, as shown in the Washington Times piece:  much of this occurred under President Barrack Hussein Obama, i.e. the Dear Leader, Hope and Change et al. When he came to power, there were less than 30 jurisdictions who declared themselves sanctuary cities/town or whatever. There are now over 564, with the big ones being California, a full sanctuary state, officially, together with New York and Illinois, which are de facto sanctuary states, and of course, Massachusetts, in which sanctuary cities are now spreading like wild-fire.

So, if this trend continues, we are now going to become a sanctuary country in less than 10 years. This is how fast this cancer is proliferating.  It is now, at this point, almost unstoppable, unless we say: enough is enough, basta! If you ask me, this is one of the main reasons Donald Trump became POTUS in 2016, because we are now facing a historic invasion (there’s no other word for it) from the South. We have at least 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in our country (officially), but the real number I think is closer to 40 million, but let that go. And they are still pouring in. The latest example was the Central American migrant caravan, which just came right across the border (WHERE IS THAT DAMN’ WALL TRUMP?), and many of them are now in the US, while others are getting processed for asylum; and so, President Trump, at a meeting with his cabinet a few days ago, called out and in fact criticized his current Homeland Security secretary Nielsen, saying (correctly) that she failed to secure our border and also failed to prevent the migrant caravan from crossing the  border. He basically told her: either you shape up or you ship out. According to multiple media reports, she drew up a resignation letter, was about to hand Trump the letter, then decided against it, because she felt humiliated by the way Trump had publically called her out in front of the entire cabinet, or something along these lines.

If you ask me, Nielsen should have been fired on the spot. Her job as Homeland Security secretary is to seal/secure and protect our borders. And she is clearly failing at her job. This caravan was known to everybody. They themselves advertised to the whole world to see, and it went on for weeks and weeks. So, how come Nielsen failed to put together a plan, a strategy to repel that invasion? Moreover, we learned that Trump is now conducting cabinet meetings as he would be the CEO of a company. They’re almost like board-room meetings, and he’s going around saying: what have you done? What have you accomplished? In Nielsen’s case, she’s obviously not up for the job, hence she must go. Furthermore, she’s a Bushie, what do you expect? I mean, she worked under Dubya,  and she wrote a report actually praising the benefits of mass immigration, how it was good for big business and all that liberal palaver, so Mr. Trump, you want to know why the Department of Homeland Security is falling down on the job? Because, they’re all infested with globalists, who do not believe in your America First agenda.

We now have a historic invasion coming in through the Southern border, with millions of illegals  entering the country. Many of them are criminals, gang members, carry diseases, and have not been properly vetted; of  those that are not violent, many will go on welfare, sucking our system dry, while others are taking away jobs from Americans. The wall has not been built, and we look at America becoming a sanctuary country with Trump at the “wheel”. Enough is enough. It is time for Trump to pus US troops along the entire border and crack-down on sanctuary cities until it’s too late. And how about that big beautiful wall? We spend more than 25 billion dollars (the estimated cost for the full wall on the Mexico border) on welfare for illegals, what the Hell?


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