America Under Siege: George Floyd rioters burn, loot, kill

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by Dr. Eowyn

Using as their excuse the tragic and allegedly racially-motived death of George Floyd last Wednesday, May 27, 2020, rioters not only have converged on Minneapolis, they are now fomenting mayhem in cities across America, including an attack on the White House itself.

Pentagon has put elite military police units on standby as President Trump prepares to deploy the Army. (InfoWars)

This page is a chronicle of the mayhem. It will be continuously updated.


  • A mob set fire to the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building as riots continued in the city and spread into neighboring St. Paul. Looters ransacked businesses and set fire to a pawn shop near the 3rd Precinct. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Democrat, ordered 500 members of the National Guard to Minneapolis and St. Paul. (Fox9 KMSP)
  • Attacked disabled woman in wheelchair in Minneapolis. (Freedom Headlines)
  • Minneapolis rioter yells “Shoot the white folk!”. (New American)
  • Minneapolis rioter threatens to come to the suburbs. (Summit News)
  • The situation was so bad that Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arronado, who had said many of the rioters committing criminal acts came from outside the city, insisted it’s too dangerous to confront rioters. (Federalist Papers)


  • Rioters tried to attack the White House; Secret Service deployed tear gas. (Breitbart)
  • White House in lockdown; rioters spray “Fuck Trump” on wall. (Gateway Pundit)
  • A Kenyan named Alex Nderitu, in a tweet, urged rioters to burn down White House. (msn news)


  • NYPD cops targeted with Molotov cocktails and bricks. (New York Post)
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral desecrated with protest graffiti. (New York Post)
  • According to an NYPD source, Brooklyn precinct was under seige; 88% overrun. Police Commissioner Shea called a Level 3 mobilization, requiring all special units to respond and calling 4 cars from every command in the city to location. (@JamesAGagliano)


  • Rioters burned cars and threw Molotov cocktails. Over 70 businesses were vandalized, looted or both, including downtown merchants with “Black-Owned” business signs, small shops in Chinatown, and larger chain stores like Walgreens and Target. 17 Oakland officers, 2 Oakland firefighters and 7 officers from outside agencies were injured. Two federal security officers shot, one of them died, while standing at the Oakland federal building. (Patch)
  • Hundreds of rioters broke into banks, drug stores and office buildings, lighting fires in the streets, burning a Walgreens and Chase Bank, dancing atop cars and scrawling anti-police messages on many surfaces. Reporter witnessed Blacks, browns and whites engaged in the destruction. 22 people were arrested. (Berkeleyside)


  • Looted and destroyed College Football Hall of Fame. (Gateway Pundit)
  • Rioters attacked CNN headquarters.


  • After Nashville mayor John Cooper, Democrat, urged people to join him at BlackLivesMatter protest downtown, rioters torched city hall and court house. (Gateway Pundit)
  • Owners of businesses clean up after being looted and burned by rioters.


In St. Louis, Missouri, a looter trying to rob a FedEx semi-truck, was dragged 5 miles; died. (KMOV4)



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