While you’re being distracted: COVIPASS!

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Well, folks! While you’re being distracted by riots and such, NWO setting up more bricks.

1. Prefilled syringes – check
2. Mandatory vaccination bills ready – check
3. Contact tracing up and running – check
4. Compulsory “health checks” before travel – check
5. Digital health passport – check

“COVI-PASS is the new Digital Health Passport powered by the revolutionary and patented VCode® and VPlatform® technology that was developed by the multi-award winning British cyber-security firm, VST Enterprises.”

The Health Professional will conduct the Rapid Covid-19 test and update the result on the COVI-PASS™ admin system and the result will be displayed on the patient’s COVI-PASS as a traffic light system- green (negative) or red (positive) on demand.


Now, chairman of VST Enterprises is Robert Wigley, who is also chairman of UK Finance, and a former banker at Merril Lynch

The veteran of the banking industry is one of The City’s most influential and highly respected figures.


I think that kinda sums it up. The question is: how long will humanity let this continue?? When will these slavemasters be stopped?


People travelling to Austria are obligated to produce a medical certificate proving a negative COVID-19 test result upon entry. The certificate cannot be older than 4 days when entering Austria. Without the certificate, entry will be denied.


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