American Media: Putin Must Be Assassinated

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by Chris Black

The military-industrial complex is desperate to start a new Cold War after the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The same people have been inciting wars all over the world for my entire adult life.

Tucker is the only sane show-host as far as I am aware:

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity is ready to start World War III:

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, saying he has “forfeit his right to live.”

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He first said that he hoped that people around him assassinate him, then he called for a change in international law which prohibits the assassination of foreign leaders.

Hannity is claiming that Putin is losing the war so badly that he has begun using cluster bombs on civilian neighborhoods.

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They are hyping up this atrocity propaganda to maximum level, as they prepare to call for a no-fly zone aggressively, which will mean starting a war with Russia, a major nuclear power.

Everyone who knows anything understands that the current government of the Ukraine is a revolutionary government installed by the West, following the revolution they funded in 2014.

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And everyone understands that this government is only able to hold power by banning opposition media and opposition political figures (there have also been assassinations). Putin tolerated this, as long as neutrality was maintained, but the West refused to maintain neutrality, and attempted to get Ukraine into NATO and the EU.

The level of disinformation coming out of the media is completely out of control. It’s actually shocking.

The fact that the right-wing is going along with this lunacy really proves that there is not any kind of solution to the problems of the United States.

We are just doomed.

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