Americans Hit MAXIMUM DEBT Level! If Fed Increase Interest Rates, MASSIVE Bailout Needed!

There is absolutely no chance of recovery from this level of debt. It’s impossible. I’d like to know, what’s your opinion?

When you look at the average American, they’re truly living the dream. They own their home. They’re driving 2 cars, fully paid. 2 vacations per year. And a whole pile of leftover cash to spend and invest…And now back to reality.
Federal-Deficit-Projection-021318.png (806×542)
Federal-Debt-Deficit-Projections-121517.png (1047×674)
Debt-By-President-021318.png (912×551)
Debt-GDP-Ratio-President-021318.png (909×549)
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Net saving as a percentage of gross national income | FRED | St. Louis Fed