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Property owners in CHAZ are under constant siege. An auto shop was broken into, items stolen and a fire started. The suspect was caught and some items were retrieved


The State of CHAZ: Seattle’s autonomous zone has become a laboratory experiment in social justice as governance.

Deface, Defund, Destroy: The Left’s Nihilism on Full Display.

I told my older son when he was studying slavery and the Civil War last year that there are two things he must understand about the awful institution.

The first is that slavery is one of mankind’s great evils. The second is just how depressingly common it is. People will put “lesser” people into bondage pretty much any time they think they can get away with it.

BLM, antifa, whatever banner flown by the various riot groups, their motive remains the same — and it is not merely the destruction or defacement of monuments.

Their goal is to tear down society and civil governance.

Look no further than the two most recent examples: CHAZ and #DefundThePolice.

CHAZ Creates Conflict Resolution Council, and the Rules Are Spectacular.

CHAZ Leftists Prepare to Blame “Nazis” For When They Fail


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