ANALYSIS: TRUE. Elites are the ones who are dividing America.

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Salina Zito:

Darcelle Slappy says Democrats and Republicans who live in places like this part of Western Pennsylvania are a lot closer than how they’re portrayed on TV.

“Unlike Washington, we are all just a few notches from each other in either direction. We have much more that draws us together than divides us,” Slappy says.

In fact, she says the divide in this country isn’t Republican versus Democrat. “The real division is between the elites and us.”

In a New York Times column last weekentitled “The American Civil War, Part II,” Thomas L. Friedman stated that “he began his career covering a civil war in Lebanon” and that he’d never thought he’d end it “covering a civil war in America.”

“Across the land, before dinner parties or block parties, the refrain ‘I hope none of them will be there’ is uttered with increasing frequency, referring no longer to people of another race or religion — bad enough — but to people from a different political party,” he wrote.

But Slappy, who is attending the annual Heritage Festival at the state park, doesn’t see her community that way. The Democrat, along with her husband, Tony, their 14-year-old son, Damani, and their infant granddaughter, Ivy, is wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with words: Darcelle Slappy, Green Party Candidate, PA State Representative, District 10.

Slappy was forced to run on the Green Party ticket because the current incumbent, Republican Rep. Aaron Bernstine, won the general election nomination as both a Republican and a Democrat — a common move that should have assured himself no opposition.

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