Android OS Marshmallow includes a Facebook default app which isn’t accessible to the user and collects data without any login info.

by QuartzPuffyStar

Yesterday I at last updated my old Lollipop Android to the Marshmallow version, and after being happy with the hud improvements and speed of my phone, I was unpleasently surprised when I was digging in the default apps/processes it includes to free some ram…

I found that the OS came with some Facebook app (and couple services) that aren’t accessible from anywhere else in the phone, have permissions enabled and transferred a bunch of data without any login info, in the couple of minutes that I managed to use the device with the new OS.

I suspect that FB and Google got into an agreement for info sharing (user milking) and Android now let FB collect stuff about its users even if they don’t have their official app installed.

I would recommend everyone check their phones and disable this thing if you care about FB data collection.

Don’t know if anyone else knows anything about this “hidden” app or what it does?