Tommy Robinson case adjourned, Released on Bail again, End of October next date probably


They will make submissions in writing.

Judge Hilliard: “I’m very anxious that what happens in these proceedings, in whatever form they take, that they can be reported fully and contemporaneously. That is very important.”

Judge Hilliard says that if parties are “satisfied you can put everything you want to in writing” then he will come to a judgment and hand it down at a new hearing.

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Live Stream of Protests

Live Update from Court Hearing

Some clarification from the court: Judge Hilliard is going to take submissions in writing on how to proceed with the case, whether there will be a “substantive hearing” and whether he or another judge will be hearing it.

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Seems like the Government want to kick the can and try and get Tommy to accept a deal of some sort.

Unlikely any trial, if there is one, will start before March 2019.

Maybe they want to delay it until after the Brexit date.

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