Animal Diseases Spread Worldwide: Meat & Egg Shortages! Food Shortage 2022 Accelerates

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by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

With the alarming onset of food shortages and the global food crisis rapidly accelerating toward us, discussing the inevitable crash of the markets and other economic problems is secondary to me right now.

Today I’m going to discuss the meat and egg shortage warnings from supermarkets and the strange increases in the rates of animal diseases in recent weeks. I will also delve into their plans for us to transition to lab-made meat, milk, and fish.

As I mentioned in my previous video, the reduced production or entire shutdowns of fertilizer factories across the globe, one after another, demonstrates that their plan is working in a systematic way. Although your shelves may be fully stocked now, this will not continue. Seeing empty shelves only shows you the result of one segment of their plan in regards to vegetables, carbohydrates, and other products made from agricultural products, which are humanity’s primary food sources. However, they also have a design for our other sources of food. Namely, meat, seafood, eggs, and milk- our primary protein sources.

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When supermarket CEOs and supply chain distributors evaluate problems, they generally focus on the loss of labor force, rising shipping costs, and supply chain issues. Yes, They are right, But there are other factors that make the story even uglier.

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There are new developments that are further complicating the situation. One of these is the animal diseases spreading all over the world, which will directly affect meat and egg shortages. The first cases of the reemergence of the Avian flu we heard of were in Israel, and now we see that it has spread to farms all over Europe, East Asia, and the United States as well.

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I would also like to draw attention to the latest news on Canada and Australia’s food shortage. Because of labor shortages and supply chain issues, Canada’s food manufacturers are struggling to find raw ingredients and are not able to fulfill demand, but say they are focusing on essential products to consumers, which means other more non-essential products will be more limited.

It’s very clear we will experience extreme shortages of meat and eggs soon. It’s not just a prediction, but experts around the world are confirming this. It won’t stop at this. The problems will trickle down to other products in the coming months.

No one wants to hear the truth, but it’s necessary. So as I always say- be prepared!



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