Animal Rebellion is an Extinction Rebellion Spin Off

by Chris Black

IIRC, Extinction Rebellion was founded by British military intelligence to push Agenda 21 “smart city” bullshit.

It seems counterintuitive to have these freaks running around screwing up the optics of your NWO climate psyop, but the glowies must have some reason for unleashing them.

Either way, veganism is an evil cult and a massive threat to public health.

99% of vegans look like they’re on the verge of death 24/7 and they seem to get sick constantly.

99% of vegan “food” is mass produced filth saturated with “seed oils” aka toxic industrial waste.

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You’d be healthier if you just ate McDonald’s goyslop every day.

Plus, vegan food isn’t even better for the environment, as globalists claim. It causes massive deforestation, has to be shipped all over the world, relies on industrial chemical fertilizer, and so on.

A truly sustainable agricultural ecosystem literally requires domesticated animals.

Widespread veganism, on the other hand, requires a world-spanning “Sustainably Developed” techno-industrial system (centralized in the hands of the globalist elite, of course).

We don’t need veganism, we need permaculture.


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