Another Looting Crisis in LA

Last year, aided and abetted by Democrat city and state leaders and their soft-on-crime prosecutors, crime sprees became something of a spectator sport. Viral videos showed dozens of people engaging in brazen smash and grab robberies of luxury goods in the Bay Area.

Companies such as CVS, Walgreens, and Target altered their operating hours and even closed locations after thieves would calmly shoplift and walk out the door without paying. Ritzy shopping centers such as The Grove in Los Angeles put up razor wire barricades in an attempt to dissuade would-be robbers from cleaning out merchandise. In all of these dystopian scenes, little if any punishment was ever handed down. Apparently thieves weren’t content to stick with hitting high-end consumer outlets, though, and now they’ve spent months ransacking trains as they pass through Los Angeles.

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Even as the powers that be in Los Angeles ignore the latest fad in illegal procurement of goods just as they did the smash and grabs, the videos from LA’s railroad tracks speak for themselves:


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