Anyone else starting to really connect the dots around the true motives for the Parkland high school shooting?

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Quote:Florida Governor Rick Scott ® says he is pledging to dedicate $500 million for school safety in the wake of the Parkland high school shooting, in which 17 people died. The governor also says that he will invest more in mental health, including having a counselor at every school so that students can receive counseling whenever they want, and he says that he also plans to strengthen background checks and make it prevent people with mental illness from getting access to guns.…ool-safety
Some more here from Ricky Scott…

Quote:His plan proposes at least one law enforcement officer for every 1,000 students, something the governor wants implemented by the start of the 2018 school year.
The increased safety measures didn’t stop with more law enforcement, though.
“We also need to make significant investments in school safety,” Scott said. “We’ve got to invest in metal detectors, we’ve got to invest in bulletproof glass, we’ve got to invest in steel doors, we’ve got to invest in upgraded locks. We’ve gotta do everything we can to make sure that somebody that wants to harm any one of our students can never do it again.”
Before moving forward with the plan, it has to be something that everyone involved feels is doable.
“I want to make sure all these things are signed off by all our sheriff’s departments across the state,” Scott said.…ol-safety/
That’s one hell of a tax Bill being dropped into the laps of the American Voters and Taxpayers for the actions of one crazy Man (allegedly) .
For any interested how Rick Scott plans to spends their Tax Dollars?…Here you go…:
Here is Gov. Scott’s entire plan to keep Florida students safe…/990245081
Is Rick Scott actually a permanent resident of Planet Earth?
h/t James

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40 thoughts on “Anyone else starting to really connect the dots around the true motives for the Parkland high school shooting?

  1. This staged FAKE “shooting” is just the latest in a series of FAKE “shootings” with the same agenda: Not only disarming the American public, but also helping to mash them into anti-conceptual thought, group-think if you will.

    • You should see all the crazies on the CT forums. Full semi auto war weapon propaganda is flooding all the venues that allow guest posting and all the ‘usual suspects’ are screaming for gun control because the 2nd doesn’t cover assault battle rifles. I wish I could put a facepalm emogi or something in here. None of them have a clue about firearms or the 2nd as the Founders intended it.

          • TY. Urban Dictionary didn’t have that one.
            Not only are there several Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment allows the possession of military grade weapons, the Second Amendment makes no sense without such an understanding.
            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”
            In order for any militia to protect a state, it must have weapons that are equal to or superior to the weapons its opponent has. Therefore, it must possess military grade weapons itself and these include FULL auto and not just semi-auto. And as a militia is composed of individuals who must supply their own weapons, these individuals must certainly own military weapons.
            Further, the right to bear arms is a corollary of the right to self defense which is itself a corollary of the right to life. I have yet to see anyone make this argument.

      • Yes we do. However, this will never happen. I learned about how the FBI, the Secret Service, Congress, the Supreme Court, the national news media, and local police conspire against the American People on Friday, November 22, 1963. It has been over 50 years and nothing has changed.
        There is a war going on and the American People are under attack. The ONLY reason it has not turned into an open conflict is because they haven’t yet gotten the guns out of the hands of the American People.
        Thanks for the link. Dr. Jim Fetzer, at jamesfetzer dot blogspot dot com posts a lot of evidence for fakery in these staged events under the appropriate dates in his blog there. Check it out.

  2. What a load of bollocks! Arm the teachers. Make it optional, but reward the teachers that carry. The shooters will never know who is and who isn’t armed. The doubt will be sufficient deterrent. Scott says “Let’s spend billions of other peoples money doing things that won’t stop a determined perp and make it more difficult for kids and teachers to feel reasonably comfortable.” What a clown.

    • There seems to be much more to this than meets the eye. Everyone is looking at the surface information which appears to be seriously flawed; “duping delight” of crisis actors, mystery characters loading up an SUV with anonymous black holdalls on the usual grainy video, various different and conflicting accounts. Numerous, previously staged shooting events have already put pressure on the 2nd amendment. Their target now has to be their most feared enemy…free speech. Look how U Tube “truthers” have been taken down for questioning the official narrative. “They” are not so clumsy as to make so many obvious contradictions in the choreographed performance. Looks as though the whole thing has been engineered to provide justification for underhand silencing and identification of anyone capable of exposing the lies. More succinctly…A load of bollocks!

  3. Yup. The Jewish satanic communists who have infiltrated US government to “destroy America”, to “reduce America to third world status”, they are behind the fed fraud, all war in modern history, the JFK assassination, the 9/11 attack, the Vegas shooting, the Florida school shooting, and Agenda 21 — all to do a gun grab and keep Americans as tax and debt slaves and human cannon fodder:
    “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.” Alan Greenspan
    “Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what’s happening to him.” — T. Coleman Andrews, Commissioner of IRS, U.S. News & World Report May 25, 1956
    All of this about enslaving a nation via false flag war debt, for profit, and the money trail leads straight to the corrupted politicians in DC, Israel, London, and the Vatican, then they stash most of their booty in the Swiss Alps and other places.
    geez, was this a pop quiz? Otherwise, it was a sorely lacking article!

    • Oh, I get it. You’re trying to tell us that you too, like Nicholas Cruz, have lost touch with reality and this is your way of crying for help and although it was a completely agenda motivated staged event targeted at honest law abiding patriotic citizens that you don’t want that to stop people from trying to Make America Great Again, just because a patsy was used to try and influence people to think that Making America Great Again will make people playing the part of the patsy, such as Nicholas Cruz, wear MAGA hats under false pretenses. Cool. Thank you. Like you, we just want to Make America Great Again too. Welcome aboard comrade.

      • It’s very difficult to see anyone supporting the corrupt concept of MAGA as anything other than a patsy.
        Do you think you are helping to make America better somehow? Do you think you are patriotic?
        This is the height of delusion. You are 100% duped.

  4. So basically, this guy wants to take $500,000,000 from tax payers and turn the schools into teen prisons because media outlets like CNN are promoting a scripted staged event as something that really happened and the fact that CNN is reporting it is all the evidence he requires as proof that it really happened to justify what he is proposing. Just as a little gesture of sanity, it would seem that even a little token sliver of evidence would be thrown on the table considering the amount of money that the tax payers are being asked, I mean told, that it is going to cost them. A half of a billion dollars for just a sliver of evidence to reassure the people that they aren’t being scammed. On the other hand, I guess it seems fair since we are relying on what CNN says and they also say that they are the most trusted news source. OK then that settles it. Let’s get busy turning those children into prisoners! What are we waiting for? Someone to come shoot the place up?

  5. What really needs to happen is to STOP having all these ‘Shooter Drills”.
    Every time they have a drill, whether it is 9/11 in NY, 7/7 in London, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Florida everywhere, they cause a terrible catastrophe to happen!
    Please tell me the last time that a multiple shooting occurred without the region having a drill.
    The emergency teams were in place before the event even happened!
    Las Vegas, they had the helicopters and the BAFT all over the place.
    So it is quite clear, if the government stopped having the ‘Drills’ the killers would not know when or where to attack.

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