Anyone Here Getting The $600 A Week Federal Unemployment Insurance?

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This was passed last month and should be available for the last couple of weeks.

It’s hard to believe anyone wants to work low wage jobs now. Even $15 an hour x 40 hours a week = $600. But this $600 is for doing nothing AND on top of any state benefits.

Imagine you are a $10 an hour worker who was working 40 hours a week ($400 a week) and your boss cut you back to 20 hours. You are now making $200 a week. If he fired you, you would now make about $800 a week – about $200 for state benefits plus the $600 federal benefits. That is a huge difference. You must be pissed he didn’t fire you. Now you have every single motivation in the world to get your ass fired. If fired, you are now making $42K a year as a formerly part-time employed burger flipper who was previously making $21K a year.

Think of a person who was making a little bit more so would get maximum $400 or so in state benefits. That person, if fired, now gets $1000 a week. That’s a $52K a year job for sitting on your ass. If you are a two-income household, you can shack up with your wife and get $104K a year for nothing.

Anyone here taking that yet? It would be stupid to work and not take it. Did you get laid off, or fired, or did you “engineer” your dismissal? Tell us your story.

Some Democrats now want to offer $2000 per person *in addition* to this unemployment money:

That’s another $24K per person. $76K per year to sit on your ass as a worker formerly employed as a part time burger flipper. $152K for a couple.




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