Las Vegas is going to get its Huge Layoffs Starting May 15th

This has been reported on local news here in Vegas..

Casinos start to open May 15th have already sent out notices to those that wont be returning to work and it appears to be about half of all casino employees and maybe more, Station casinos that own about 10 casinos here in town are not going to open half of the casinos and reduced staff to half at the ones they plan to open.

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On the strip many mega casinos have already sent out layoffs to half of their employees.

Why the layoffs now, because the casinos have been paying their employees during the lock down but the lock down ends May 15th and now over 100,000 or more casino workings will lose their pay and jobs May 15th..

SHTH the fan here for real starting May 15th..

Home prices and rental prices will fall and many are going to be filing for bankruptcy..

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I suspect the same nation wide as large employers start to call back workers but half of the workers will not be called back.

I think starting May 15th here in Vegas and many states many are not going to have a job for a long time, the economy will take well over a year or 2 to turn to normal..