Are All These People Dead Because of Covid Vaccines? The Thing Is, We’ll Never Know!

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by Chris Black

German news agency compiles a list of 75 European athletes who have died “suddenly” in the past 5 months since being fully vaccinated.

Here are some articles about some of them:

“Giuseppe Perrino is dead: heart attack at 29! Footballer collapses on the soccer field and dies.”

“In the European Championship game against Finland, the Dane Christian Eriksen suddenly collapses. Medical helpers initiated life-saving measures with cardiac muscle massage.”

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“Speed skater Kjeld Nuis is very sick after vaccination: ‘The body is not cooperating.'”

“Bielefeld footballer suffers cardiac arrest on the field.”

“19-year-old Belgian handball player dies of cardiac arrest.”

“Former French professional footballer Franck Berrier dies of multiple heart attacks while playing tennis.”!/

“The 17-year-old footballer collapsed on the field of a heart attack. On the way to the hospital, he suffered a second heart attack. Four days later, he died.”

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“Norwegian Footballer suffers cardiac arrest. Player collapses on court — second division game canceled.”

“Marathon runner Alexaida Guédez dies of sudden heart attack.”

“Another day, another professional soccer player has an on-field cardiac arrest. This time: Emil Palsson. He was 28, and Icelandic. Iceland has an 84% full-vaccination rate.”

I don’t know about you, but these news make me feel really warm inside.


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